SIPLA Solutions  
Glass Wool and Insulation Specialist in India

Manufacturer and Supplier of Glass Wool, Fiberglass and Insulation Materials

SIPLA Glass Wool (Resin Bonded and Loose) is available across India and exported to many countries in Middle East, South Asia and Africa.
Our group company Singla Insulations Pvt. Ltd. is the largest Loose Glass Wool Fiber (Glasswool) manufacturer in India since 1994. Our plant is located in Sonepat (Haryana) near Delhi. Since 2010, we are importing and distributing SIPLA Resin Bonded Glass wool.  We have distributors across India.
Key users for SIPLA Glass Wool are:
1.Commercial and Residential Buildings, PEB industry and Porta Cabins
2. HVAC and Cold Storage
3. Home Theaters, Auditoriums, Multiplexes 
4. Consumer Electrical Goods and Solar Heaters,

Stock of Glasswool
We maintain stock of FSK and unfaced Glass Wool of 25mm and 50mm thickness in lthe following densities:

10, 12, 16, 24, 32, 40 and 48 kg/m3

We have both Boards and Blankets with FSK, Kraft Paper, Tissue (Black and white), Vinyl and fiberglass cloth facing

Additionally, we supply Fiberglass Tissue, Mineral Wool, Rock Wool, LRB insulation, Glass Wool Ceiling Tiles, Nitrile Rubber to our customers in India and abroad.
Click here for our product range of insulation materials  or download SIPLA RB GLass Wool Catalog               
Feel free to contact us for price and technical details of Glasswool (fiberglass insulation), "loose glass wool" , Rock Wool and other insulation materials.
      Phone number+(91)-11-27934064, +(91)-99537 38533
Address: 413, D-Mall, Sector 10, Next to Rohini West Metro Station,  Rohini, New Delhi, India 110085

Sipla Solutions
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