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SIPLA insulation products are used extensively for Acoustic Insulation & Sound Proofing.  

GlassWool Blankets/ Rolls for Acoustic Insulation

Density:  24, 32, 40 and 48kg/m3

Thickness:  25mm and 50mm (other thickness on special order)

Facings: Plain, FSK, Tissue, Vinyl and Cloth.

 Glasswool provides high NRC and ease of installation.

Glasswool Boards for Acoustic Insulation

Density:  48kg, 56kg. 64kg and 80kg/m3

Thickness: 15mm, 25mm and 50mm

Facings: FSK, Tissue, Vinyl and Cloth

Boards without facing are ideal for use with Dry Walls


Bass Traps

Plain Bass Traps - Fiberglass based with 4" thickness. Available in 2ft x 2ft or 4ft x 2ft - ready to use product.

Corner Bass Traps -  2ft x 4ft or 2ft x 2 ft. Ready to use

Acoustic Panels

Fiberglass based with 2" thickness. Available in 1ft x 2ft or 2ft x 2ft - ready to use format.

In addition, we have DIY kits for acoustic treatment. Reach us for details.


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