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SIPLA supplies Surface Tissue and Fiberglass Tissue (also known as RP Tissue).



SIPLA Fiberglass Tissue is a non woven felt made from randomly oriented glass fibers bound by a resin in a wet process

Fiberglass Tissue is used in the following application:

1.      Waterproofing

2.   Insulation facing

3.      Lining of acoustic ducts

4.      Pipe and corrosion protection

5.      Special grades are used for Battery Separators

6.   FRP manufacture


We have the following grades of Tissue available in White and Black color

1.      35 GSM

2.      45 GSM

3.      100 GSM



SIPLA is India’s leading Glass Wool and Fiberglass Products manufacturer, importer and distributor since 1994. Our SIPLA Fiberglass tissue (RP tissue) is available through distributors across India.

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