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Glass wool and its uses:
Glass wool is used as an insulation material in buildings, air conditioning, and industrial applications.. It simply keeps warm equipment warm and cold equipment cold.
The resin bonded glass wool comes as a “blanket” which is rolled and put in a large plastic bag or as a "rigid board". Each roll (glasswool blanket) would have a defined density, thickness, length and width.
The key dimensions for a (glass wool blanket or roll) are:
1.       Density- normally 10,12 16, 24, 32, 40 and 48 kg/m3. There are also non-standard density products - such as 22 and 27 kg/m3.
2.       Thickness: normally 25mm and 50mm
3.       Length- depends on the use 
4.       Width: is standard of 120 cm 
Another factor to consider is whether the “roll” has a aluminum sheet on one side of the roll. If it has an aluminum roll on 1 side, it is called “faced” or “FSK”
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